Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Break / Beats

Im heading off to the midwest tomorrow for a few days at grandma's pad. Here are some things Im going to be doing:

• Sleeping on a blow-up bed for 4 days
• Attending church / Staring at my toes
• Avoiding as many conversations as possible
• Not using the internet
• Eating inordinate amounts of ambiguous meats, served as "casseroles"
• Counting the hours with chalk on the wall

Consider this an official short sabbatical from The Full Clip. It will be good for both of us.
A little time apart heals all relationships. Remember to dig through the archives (to your right) for whatever you've missed in the past.

I leave you with another one from Bon Iver. This is literally all I listen to 24-7 these days. If you are too hip-hop for this your tastes aren't refined enough yet son:



Jonathan said...

thanks for introducing me to Bon Iver .... fantastic stuff .... really enjoying it ....

polk said...

i have to admit that i am late to the bon iver party, but am digging their stuff just the same.

yo fc good luck in the midwest; make sure to take a pocket translator so you know what the hell people are talking about. you know if you are down ohia way drop on in for a beer, a slushy or maybe a game of cornhole...

it's not so bad around this part of the country...there are pockets of hipness, what...

well at any rate happy holidays and all that stuff from your fans in dayton, the land of the funk...

Dukes said...

Glad you guys are feeling Bon Iver. Despite being a huge fan, Ive been a little hesitant to push it on TFC.

Polk, I have had my pocket translator with me but the goddamn batteries must not be working because I dont understand a thing these people are talking about.

Still I didnt mean to hit the whole midwest as some sort of unhip ignorant place...I happen to be in the middle of Iowa...I was running today and I swear to god aside from there being absolutely no one in sight in town there were small hay bails being blown in the wind through town. I shit you not.

Thanks for the support in Dayton. I appreciate it.