Thursday, December 4, 2008

Art Beat: The Wireframe Lambo

Don't let the perfection of this photo fool you, this is not a computer rendering. It is in fact a 3-D wire sculpture installation from artist Benedict Radcliffe. Made from 10 mm steel tubing, the fluro orange pieces are welded together into the intricate lines that form the body of the original Lambourghini Countach. Simple, but impressive from all angles.
Though I'm no car buff (and refuse to facilitate the popular corporate idea that new automobiles are "artistic objects"), I do appreciate design that reveals the essence of it's subject, animate or inanimate, and this accomplishes that well. As Radcliffe says of his own work: "It looks so simple but it took ages because it's all about the economy of line — too much steel and it becomes unsophisticated and not enough and it doesn't represent it sufficiently."
Exactly how I approach my own work as an artist every wouldn't think it, but design is can be straight Buddhist. Too much or too little and you've got it all wrong.

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