Wednesday, December 10, 2008

10.DEEP presents The New Deal

My peoples are at the 10.DEEP event tonight (Im too burnt from the Wale & Kid Cudi show last night), but Im going to live vicariously through this new 10.DEEP mixtape which dropped today. There is a ton of fire on this one and I highly recommend the free download.

Remember that these are the people who brought you the first Kid Cudi
and Wale mixtapes. Including brand spankin new exclusive material from Wale, Jay Electronica, Blu, Brother Ali, Kid Cudi, Charles Hamilton, Jay-Z, and Santogold. These 10 DEEP dudes have taste that is almost as good as my own.

A taste:


Download the mixtape:
10.DEEP presents The New Deal


WordSmith said...

Ha...just as I posted about another track of the 10 Deep tape in my comment on the Aesop track, you post this. Nicely done.

Big Rils said...

Did Jay Electronica produce that Naledge track? I was hoping to hear a new verse from dude, but he's not on the mic.

oh well, still a solid 'tape.

WordSmith said...

Yeah, I was wondering the same thing about the track they claimed was "featuring Jay Electronica." He ain't on it as far as I can tell. Also, the version of the Wale & Ali track posted on 2DopeBoyz is somehow a better one than the one on the actual mixtape. Wale spits twice and Ali's verse is much louder. Still, the tape is hot...can't front on that.

zilla rocca said...

dope tape. Was amped to see Brother Ali on a track with Wale, and he promptly bodied him.

Anonymous said...

Bunch of hypebeast lames should keep their opinions out of music. Only leads to more of the downward spiral.