Monday, November 24, 2008

We Both Nice

Wildabeast and 6th Sense are one of my favorite new duos. Period. Their new album, Both Nice has been strategically shipped to me one track a week for the last month (smart business move my dudes), and is just flat out fresh.

While their sound is distinctly abstract, this isn't your typical half-assed underground hip-hop. It's precise music. 6th's production is above most of what is floating around the internet these days, and Wildabeast is, as expected, a monster on the mic (in a nicely subtle way). I don't know how these cats are going to catch on in a big way, but with tracks like this, they deserve it.



Sizzle said...

Who knows when it's to be released?

Dukes said...

It's not being officially released. It's going to come out digitally one track at a time until the album is completely leaked, which is actually a great strategy to keep people hungry and interested, without giving them a small taste and then releasing the rest.

You can find it here and on a few other blogs as it comes in week by week. I will only put up the shit I think is really nice though. Which so far has been most of it.