Monday, November 17, 2008

Low Tide

Aesop Rock recently jetted from Brooklyn to the greener pastures of San Francisco, and ever since has started to make some good moves back to the old verbose rambling philosopher since gone. It's pretty clear that Aesop was only partially suited to the Def Jux Staccato Depression Camp, and really needed a change, so this is a good look.

This is a new one off of DJ Signify's album Of Cities, featuring a few tracks with Aesop. Sounds like: Getting lost in an alley at midnight, with DJ Krush at the other end bouncing beats off the walls.

Check out DJ Signify for details on the new album.


2 comments: said...

oh shit. a dj krush reference. not that he's my favorite producer or anything but he's mad obscure. If you're into dark cinematic sounding electronic influenced by hip hop you might like it.

just had to comment on that bc it totally caught me off guard

Zilla Rocca said...

"You ain't projects, gunplay, you Project Runway"

Look at AESOP bringing the obvious ill punchlines back to his forte! Great joint, Duke