Saturday, October 25, 2008

What Good Is An Ear Without A Q-Tip

Three years ago, when BET started these Cypher Freestyle outtakes for the Hip-Hop Awards, they filmed the whole thing outdoors at a bar behind my apartment. Since my deck was the only spot with visibility, I had a private show with probably 20 MCs for about 5 hours. Best show in history.

They've kept up these outtakes since, and the results are pretty fresh, especially when it comes to Q-Tip and K'Naan in this one.

This is really just a warmup for a new Tip track from his soon to be released album The Renaissance. This one featuring Amanda Diva and a funky break beat, perfect for the b-boys and b-girls.



Zilla Rocca said...

One of my favorite hip hop moments of this decade was seeing those BET Hip Hop Awards Cyphers and then later tracking down the MP3's.

The best part when listening on good headphones is hearing the neighborhood sounds in the background as Styles P, Lupe, Papoose, Sway, Ras Kass, et. al KILL SHIT! You can hear little kids playing, the wind blow, the MCs stepping back and forth....oh so NYC hip hop!

Dukes said...

It might be the only thing BET has done right in the last 10 years.

Rap City canceled? Pathetic.

Dukes said...

Oh and btw Zilla, that lineup you just put down was the very group of cats I saw behind my apartment. Those sounds you heard were just me breaking wind and playing Gameboy.