Friday, October 3, 2008

Dear Wall Street Rats,

Sincerely, Banksy
aka the One-Man Revolution

Spotted in Soho this week. I'm starting to think Banksy is more influential than every art gallery in NYC collectively.


Dart Adams said...

Ayo, Dukes! I just concluded my blog series entitled "The Official Handbook To The Bloggerverse" where I did a counterpart/equivalent blog comparing blogs themselves or bloggers to characters in the Marvel Universe. In the end I included almost 90 blogs including some of your favorites (and yours!) in 4 parts. Check it out here:


RP said...

I love you. You know that. But when Banksy teams up with Colossal Media to do a series, calling referring to him as a "One-Man Revolution" seems slightly inaccurate. Remember:

Read, study lessons, and build your inner power. The next level, doesn't tolerate cowards.

Also, come out and party tonight.

Dukes said...

J Bronzini,

I have to disagree, respectfully mon frere. Have you seen the pieces he put up in 'Bama and Louisiana? That is serious art with importance. This is too, even if Colossal Media is helping him promote his show.

How else could you get a huge piece like that up in NYC making a statement like that? It's not like dude is teaming up with Nike to make money on the new Banksy shoe.

If I wasnt exhausted and still sick I wouldve been there tonight. I would imagine its the best show of the year.

Dukes said...

Oh ya and Dart, peace on that post. ill get @ you personally in a bit on Poisonous.