Saturday, October 18, 2008

Charlamagne Hamilton

Charles Hamilton is:

• Not any of these guys.
• Or this girl.
• From Harlem, but wears a lot of pink.
• Currently halfway through his unprecedented scramble to drop 2 mixtapes every month.
• Just signed to Interscope after his mixtape series blowup.

While I personally have sat on the sidelines for most of this (KRS-One's anthem "Rely on talent not marketing and promotions" seems applicable here), Charles has made enough of an impact on the scene for me to get his new one. And ya, dude lives up to the hype, at least on these two.

C-H-A-R, spittin like an AR.




AaronM said...

Like you, I started with the latest tape, and I really dig it.
My main problem with dude is his energy level. He sounds kind of bored on a few tracks.
That said, the slower delivery fits the more emotive tracks.
Also the beats are excellent.

Dukes said...

I agree. Im not a big fan yet by any means...though these two tracks dominated the weekend. Mainly those beats. Sounds like J Dilla for real on Conversation With God.

franchise said...

i've been holding out on him too. his freestyle skills are ridiculous. but after that TSS interview, he was too arrogant for my blood. However, I think with a good executive producer, he could come up with Illmatic level album. And I'm not even a strong fan of his.