Monday, September 1, 2008

The Break Room: David Byrne

Back at it with our new weekly section spotlighting Brooklyn musicians outside of the hip-hop scene.

This week David Byrne, lead singer for the Talking Heads and original New Yorker, takes the award. Mostly because he is Kanye part II...he is versatile in the art, fashion, and design scene as much as he is a part of music.

Aside from recently releasing an album with Brian Eno (first track below), Byrne just designed and installed nine unique bike racks throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan as part of the City Racks Design Competition. You can view the whole set of designs at

Also worth a visit is City Racks, where you can see the other finalists. One design will be released throughout NYC as THE bike rack design, period.



OLLIE said...


Check that NY Noise book if you haven't already - documentation of the bubbling music, art, theatre, film, dance overlapping cultures, practitioners of the seventies and eighties.

Elijah said...

you seriously just call David Byrne- "Kanye pt. II"????

Dukes said...

I did. Mainly because they are similar in their artistic flexibilities.

Also because I bet you 1/10 of my audience knows who Byrne is and needs some sort of hip-hop reference to go on.

Elijah said...

i know, its sort of true. track is a perfect end of summer track too. thanks much for that one!

rafi said...

i'm a fan of byrne and kanye but, i have to agree with elijah, that's some mighty strange phrasing there given the chronology.

forgetting the value of the comparison, shouldn't it be kanye is byrne part 2? or maybe byrne is a prequel to kanye?