Friday, August 1, 2008

Robert Glasper & Mos Def: Dilla Tribute

Robert Glaser is one of jazz's modern greats. Aside from making a name for himself in the jazz community, he has collaborated with Common, Talib Kweli, Q-Tip, Slum Village, Badu, and Jay-Z.

Glasper's most recent album featured a lengthy jazz interpretation of J Dilla's work, which inspired Mos Def to approach him
for a hip-hop meets jazz Dilla tribute at the University of Michigan about a year ago. The result is simply stunning. It is perhaps the best live hip-hop performance I have ever heard, moreover had the patience to listen to front to back.

Standout tracks include The $, and the original version of E=MC2 that we dropped a few weeks ago on you.



Dukes said...

Whoever is taking this down, and Im going to assume it's Stones Throw, you DONT own this recording. It's not Dilla's work. This is a live show.

Care to comment?

Dukes said...

And I want to add that I have been promoting the hell out of every single thing you guys do. Look at the posts lately.

Anonymous said...

hey man, is it possible to put this show back on? cause been searchin long time for this one an now it seems the link is broke..

thanks, i be so happy to got that glasper tape!