Sunday, August 31, 2008

Move The Crowd Like A Buddha Cloud

Doom has been ducking everyone recently, which has lost him some fans, but has finally reappeared on Jake One's White Van Music, which has a severe lineup, including Brother Ali, Atmosphere, Little Brother, M.O.P, and Busta Rhymes. Jake was the producer behind the De La Soul classic collabo with MF Doom Rock Co Kane Flow, so it's only suitable he hits us with another quality Doom track. Sounds like that old Madvillain.



Anonymous said...

that open letter to Doom is hysterical, sad and true...Doom is my dude..but he dead wrong for that not showing up to show shit..its bad enough we been starvnig since Dangerdoom 3 years ago...i woulda beat down that fake doom for my $ disrespect either...just business..

Dukes said...

Ya I dont get it. Either he is VERY sick or too stoned to leave the house. It makes very little sense, though many commenting on the situation say that itis a brilliant business move.

I think it's just Doom being his weird self.