Monday, July 28, 2008

Fool Me Once...

Although I try my best not to regurgitate all of the current worthless hip-hop blog gossip, I refuse to give this one a free pass:

The story goes something like this...

1) Truth-seeking website The Smoking Gun exposes Rick Ross, who claimed to have been an everyday Tony Montana prior to becoming a mediocre rapper. Truth is: he was actually a State Correctional Officer!
2) Hip-hop blogs go bananas with the story.
3) Hip-hop fans are so shocked and baffled they create YouTube videos, make "funny" Photoshop projects, have wet Rick Ross dreams, etc.
HipHop DX picks up on how infatuated with obvious lies hip-hop fans are. They decide to run the same game, filing for similar documentation in Florida to prove that Plies was never the criminal he has claimed to be. Which, of course, they were right about.
5) Hip-hop fans reach a point of a deep identity crisis, realizing that their heroes are not who they thought they were.
6) I get mad and go on a rant:

You, and by you, I mean everyone eating this story alive like it's NEWS, are probably the ones who voted for George Bush in the first election. And the second one. (I am not kidding). The parallels between the lies that Bush got away with and those that Ross did are infinite, mostly because you and your gullible tribe of American goons not only believed everything you were told, you acted surprised when you found out you were lied to.

This country's inability to investigate those who dictate 90% of their reality is inexcusable. I knew that Ross was a phony from day one. And Bush. And that's not because Im smarter, Im just fucking paying attention. I don't need the
Smoking Gun to release 25 documents telling me Rick Ross isn't smuggling a kilo in that belly. Likewise I don't need tens of thousands of troops to die or my gas to cost $5/gallon to know (8 years ago) that Bush was an evil hypocrite.

Rant over. WAKE UP.

7) This is the only good Rick Ross song by the way:



OLLIE said...

Salute DUKES. So many aliens roaming this planet concerned with what is essentially crap. I caught the Real's video, had a bit of a laugh, then went back to thinking about the mess in South Africa, Iraq, India, Istanbul, the squalor of housing estates, projects, around the world, human greed, the environment falling to pieces....

Unrelated / Related....Did you see Jim Jones earlier in the week on that vid doing the rounds saying Nas is irrelevant and how the streets is dry and Nas ain't talking about anything the streets relate to.....

Dart Adams said...

I said it a million times but thanks for saying it again. People tend to focus on the wrong shit. Real former drug kingpins and criminals ain't gonna make whole albums where they dry snitch on themselves over Timbaland beats.

Anonymous said...

CHUUUUCH ! Dukes...u my dude...But you's a liar if you say your not feeling "Boss" w/T-Pain...I mean c'mon, that joint is like guilty pleasure song of 08'...that shit knocks !! however, i concur on all other Ross, Plies fuckery related topics....yo Ollie, Im glad somebody saw that Jim Jones shit...if Nas is irrelevant, and Jim Jones is talking about what people wanna hear...than Im the dude in the rabbit suit next to George Bush and 2008 is the REAL golden era in HIP HOP MUSIC (computer blows up). 1.
-DL3 (aka the dude too lazy to create a google blogger id)

Dukes said...

I saw that Jim Jones video posted, though like most of what I see on hip-hop blogs, I avoided it. I personally think Dipset are a bunch of idiots, especially that homeless looking/poorly styled Jim Jones...without even hearing the interview we all already know Nas has him in a headlock.

And I haven't heard that Ross track but Im going to trust you on it. Ill check it out for sure.