Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Weak of the Week

Usually The Full Clip spends it's time telling you about what's dope. But since only about 9% of hip-hop culture is truly dope, it's actually a lot easier to tell you what's not. Thus begins the short list of the Weak of the Week:

Puma x The Goonies Discs
These shoes were a disaster to begin with. Then you put fur, a urine colored plastic shoe cover, and a bunch of different skull prints on them. They make me want to take them for a run off the Brooklyn Bridge.

Redman Run My Block Video
This video features Redman driving around N.J. in one of those new miniature Smart Cars. I can't tell if he was so high he thought this would be hardbody, or if he was so high he thought it would be funny. I'm so not high it's neither.

David Z x Clarks Wallabees Metallics
This is what happens when you take a classic and put it in the hands of a NYC footwear chain store that thinks Clarks' target market are bisexual raver goth girls.

Prodigy Writes A "Manifesto" From Jail, Again
I am officially putting up a $5000 cash bounty on Prodigy's CAPS LOCK button. Oh, wait, nevermind,
he will just start writing freehand in all caps too.

Rock The Bells 2008 NYC
Other than the most ridiculous lineup ever this year (I'll give it that), this event features: hoards of shirtless fratboys, standing for 7 hours straight in the mud and/or sweltering heat, $10 beer, impossible exit strategies. And so on.


Anonymous said...

sorry man, i can't call that rock the bells lineup weak. far from it.

Dukes said...

I knew I would take heat for that one. But Im definitely not calling the lineup's more being stuck on Randall's Island for 8 hours or so, which is probably me just being an old man.

Dukes said...

No question that lineup is probably the best one I have ever seen for a hip-hop show.

rafi said...

It's not at Randall's Island this year.. Jones Beach is the venue.

It's still fucking weak because they denied Internets Celebrites press access even though we already made a dope video about last year's show on our own. The RTB publicist said press access is limited to "major media" sources. Kiss my major media ass!

Major media doesnt give a shit about your show!

By the way, cool post idea.

Dukes said...

If the people who put on hip-hop shows knew the first thing about what they were promoting they would definitely have you there. That was the only video worth watching (wou'll notice that that is my link on here for this).

Thanks on the post and link. Let's link in the next few days...Im going on vacation next week and I plan on knocking out what we need.

.1 said...

u so funneeeeeeeeee