Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Shittiest Million Dollar Backpack

What is it about this backpack I am supposed to think is worth a million dollars? All I get is:

• Interstate 95 sign

• Floating Peace symbol

• One Air Jordan sneaker

• A Microphone

• Skillz attached taking a dump in his pants

I would rather have a rucksack made from an old sock attached to a stick filled with $3 in pennies.


Anonymous said...

does that mean ur not co-signing skills new record ??? Im not the biggest fan of Skillz either...1

Dukes said...

This was more about the REALLY bad art direction on this album...though Im not a big Skillz fan in the first place. Hes got Black Thought and some respectable cats on there, but I've always seen him as kind of a gimmic MC who has just barely stayed above water in the game.

Anonymous said...

yeah but he swears that he's that dude...just never been rcvd. commercially...dont forget I live in VA...dude is like one of the only MC's if not the only mc to come out of here so he gets mad love..Im just like, if u never got hot...its likely for a reason. Album cover is for the short bus..I feel u there no doubt..

DJ Bozo said...

I read somewhere (must've been on that it's named The Million Dollar Backpack because he got to where he's at today from the rhymes he wrote in composition books which he keeps in his backpack.