Sunday, July 20, 2008

Paper Plates

It's a waste of time dissing 50 cent, except when you attack it like it's 1993 and, unlike every other diss track of this century, you actually mean what you say. Someone in the Wu camp explain to me why a beat like this didn't make it on the most recent Wu album?

Lookout for the new GZA album Protools, dropping August 19th.

Raised buffalos, because she was behind on bills.


Bonus. Amazing:


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Anonymous said... comments here ? Im really shocked nobody has anything to say about how GZA bodied 50...I have lots of questions...but, eh..I guess ur right...50 vitamin water money matters more than his lack there of in lyrical ability these days...however, Im sure he knows not to come no where near responding to this joint....ohh weeee did he get murked...DL3