Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Knitting Factory Moves the the hood you love to hate. You guessed it: Billy Burg. Where apparently the rent is cheaper and the space is smaller. Which is as ironic as the moustaches, mullets, and bad art projects their new hippp-hop audience is going to be sporting.

I have to say that your space was so small and hot before that I can't imagine it getting any smaller or hotter (or cheaper, last time I checked rents in the Burg). But good for you. I'll be there.

Upcoming events at the Knitting Factory that are definitely worth it:

David Banner - July 17
2008 DMC DJ Battle - July 23
J-Live - July 25
DJ Q-Bert - August 12
Scribble Jam Preliminary MC Battle - August 26

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