Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Gear Up

What was once semi-weekly has become a semi-annual update on the freshest gear out. And we're good with that, because we like hip-hop more than looking like we like hip-hop. Still...

Clae Fall 2008 Line
Footwear so simple & elegant they are practically invisible. Until you realize that the whole cheerleading team is making kissy lips and spanking motions at you.

Polo Rugbys
We're so old school all we rock is Air Max 90 infrareds, Polo, and Nautica jeans. And listen to Tony Touch. Tapes.

Nas x ALIFE & Q-tip X ALIFE
For Us By Us.

Adidas Gonzalez Roster Mid
Adidas got in the skateboarding game about 3 years late, like they do with pretty much everything, but these are in high running with Nike's SB Mid's.

Nike Pantone Air Max & Blazer
As a graphic designer, anything with the word "Pantone" in it is automatic. This colorway is no exception, especially with the best two lines Nike has.

G-Shock 25th Anniversary Watch
I haven't worn a watch for about a decade, but I just changed my mind.

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