Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bloggers Are The New DJs

It has always been the role of the mixtape DJ to pave the road for new artists and fresh material. My source of music as a young gun were the legends: Funkmaster Flex, Kid Capri, Stretch & Bobbito, Red Alert, Silver Surfer...these guys put everyone on, and you best believe we were all waiting for that 8th period bell to ring so we could go cop the new Doo Wop to hear that Mobb Deep exclusive.

Today we are all on the blogs. And, like it or not, we run tings, not Kay Slay (thank the lord). The Smoking Section has an ill breakdown on how bloggers are the new DJs. It's too bad most of these new school DJs...ahem..bloggers...are publicist mouthpieces, have shitty taste, and can't cut a record.

Oh ya, I grind it out on a solid gold keyboard. I call it a "mixer."


dj.eurok said...

DJs make the best bloggers

Dukes said...

That's why me an you are the kings of the game Eurok.

jorge said...

eurok got it right.

Sir Lung said...

LOL YOU WISH. Bloggers are the new 1950s-era record companies: stealing music from black folks for the sake of priviliged audiences and not paying a dime.

jorge said...

LOL @ Sir Lung!

Dukes said...

While you are right about many bloggers Sir Lung, if you were on here long enough you would know that I am very careful in what I promote, how I promote it, and the respect I give to hip-hop.

One question:
What are you doing on this blog questioning my motives? Go download some music, leave a hypocritical quote, and bounce to the next site.

What I thought.