Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Invincible on Gentrification

It's been 8 long years of this administration, and if one thing is clear, it is the amazing success they have had in their quest to drastically increase the separation between rich and poor. It can be seen clearly in rising prices, and even more clearly in our neighborhoods, which have quickly become shadows of what they once were in the face of development. It ain't a picnic, that's for sure.

Leave it to Full Clip favorite new artist Invincible to address the complex and ever important issue of gentrification, this time in her hometown of Detroit. Peep the whole video, especially for the last two minutes which includes interviews with local residents and politicians.

I will be dropping some new tracks from that album immediately when it hits on Friday.

Invincible - Shapeshifters
Invincible - Sledgehammer


setup*upsets said...

word. this is dope. i like their style.

in DC, gentrification has totally altered our hip hop scene...

it definately kikced of during the clinton years, so it's not all bush's fault!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this dope video.

Philippe said...


Woody said...

This is very true man, thanks for posting this. Although the video only showed the bad parts of the city, what the people were talkng about is very true. I actually worked on a community project with the last lady that was speaking in the video, the asian lady. Thanks for posting this man.