Monday, June 2, 2008

Goings On About Town

Things we like around the internet this week:

One-way glass public bathrooms. Um, why?
• Kwa-Pa! So pitted!
• Fades and dunks don't hide
your meaningless rhymes.
• Prodigy goes to jail, gets educated, still writes in all caps.
Dustin Dollin rips NYC.
• The local news need to not interview the locals.
Dr Carter sounds a bit Familia.

ALIFE Asics are the slickness.
Android female robots?


Oliver said...

Hey man thought you'd be interested in this program Insight, last nights edition. It's a complex issue - dowloading, artist royalties, etc. But not once did they mention blogs and how the bloggers shed light on a plethora of good music, that often no one knows about, cause the major record companies promote the same old bs over and over and if it was up to them that's all we'd ever hear....

Here's the link:

Dukes said...

Can't see the direct link on there. Takes me to a random homepage. Still got a post up on the topic tonight.

Good looks O.