Monday, May 5, 2008

The Roots Are Not Rising Up

According to the New York Times, The Roots are seriously struggling with the recent release of Rising Down this week. Apparently they might lose their record contract sooner than later.

First off: Are you serious? Jay leaves Def jam and no one can keep these guys on track? Frankly I'm sickened that The Roots still have to not only prove themselves but struggle to stay above water.

How about we all do what Skillz did for them...

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EUROK said...

how is it that in 2008 after a decade plus of rocking shows and building a mega fan base and kick ass web community that the roots are A: Still tied to a major label that doesnt understand thier fan base, and B: still bitching about a situation that they willed themselves into?

Whats is the roots cut of a major label release in dollars if it went platinum (yeah right)

They could make that album selling downloads and CDs off okay player and cut out the middle man. NIN is doing it...Radiohead, etc...

Oh thats right, because they want to be SUPERSTARS