Sunday, May 18, 2008

Chris Matthews Is Gangsta

If you haven't heard yet, on the 60th Anniversary of Israel's Independence George Bush gave a speech that compared Obama and the democratic party to the "Nazi appeasers" of the late 1930s. He made this blanket statement in reference to Obama's willingness to speak with countries that we are at war with.

Of course there are a handful of Republican talking heads supporting this preposterous & flimsy excuse for a man. This includes radio show host Kevin James, seen here, who made the big mistake of not knowing a thing in front of Chris Matthews, who called him out straight up on his fuckery.

We like, Chris! More of this in mainstream media and I might start watching the news regularly again.

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Anonymous said...

on the real son.
Their parlor tricks may or may not work this year, but we're not going for that shit regardless. Talking to "the enemy" is a great way to make them "our allies", and knowing what the fuck we're talking about is a great way to be legitimately recognized as a people who don't bow down to the beast just because it roars it's ugly head.

-"The brains weight, causes vessels to circulate."