Wednesday, May 7, 2008

not so okay, player.

In case you didn't notice, okayplayer has changed the format of their site to something a little more "blog-like." Which is inevitably hard to grapple with, since okayplayer is basically the Tribe Called Quest of websites. They are the originals and everything was all good before, so WTF duke? Granted the new site looks slick, but I feel technologically lost like my grandparents with an iPhone.

The one good thing is that the site now features blogs from artists like El-P, who is of course dropping all sorts of facts on you. Kudos on that move.

In other okayplayer news, despite what the New York Times has to say, The Roots hit #6 on Billboard today with around 56,000 in sales. You lose a record contract for #6 these days huh?

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