Friday, May 16, 2008

Killer Mike

Who knew Killer Mike is: 1) a genius. 2) the best interviewee on the planet. Mike chops it up with Mass Appeal and says some cryptically mystical Zen things like:

It's not what's present that's destructive, it's what's absent.

And R.I.P to Mass Appeal who just announced that they are
calling it quits after all these years in the game. Though this new blog game is great, I gotta say I feel sorry for the originators and true journalists who have lost their startups to sharks and jackers with little to say and lots to copy, paste, and embed.

1 comment:

Oliver said...

Yeah man, Killer Mike is the truth.

On another note R.I.P. to Mass Appeal, I remember only a few stores out here stocked it, which made it all the more worthwhile when you got your hands on a copy. Glad to see the site, Missbehave mag and Colossal Media are currently going from strength to strength!