Saturday, May 24, 2008

Coffee Break

Apologies for the lack of posts mon freres. I have been very busy scifening through the 15 billion pounds of complete garbage floating around the intranets for the last few days. It's a hard job, watching all these meaningless half-assed homemade videos, downloading highly mediocre Mickey Factz tracks, and deciding whether or not to post something dope if it's done already been highly distributed. I think I need a break, seriously, before I lose my sense of taste to The Great American Hip-Hop Blog Race.

I've got a few things to do today but we'll be back momentarily with a bunch of "new" material. Dope unheard Biggie remixes and a few general throwbacks. Back in a flash.


Oliver said...

I hear you Dukes. What did you think of that Mickey Factz track "Automatic"?

Anonymous said...

*waits on the updates*

Dukes said...

Havent heard it yet Oliver. Not trying to hate on Mickey, but it seems like he's second in line behind Lil Wayne on the excessive releases.