Saturday, April 19, 2008

Producer's Spotlight: Ayatollah

Ayatollah has been representing that BQE east coast sound for over a strong decade now. Discography includes work for Mos Def ("Miss Fat Booty"), Ghostface, Talib Kweli, Vast Aire, Masta Ace, NORE, Wordsworth, and Common. His beats are always so instrumentally strong that they stand alone without verses musically. I am often caught with just his beats on repeat in the iPod.

Small sampling of the man's genius. Most of this from his as of yet unreleased Louder. Oh ya, this Coonskin beat is gorgeous.





don el said...

I got that NAG Champa on Hi-Teknology vol 2. Is it on his upcoming release too?

Dukes said...

That's on Hi-tek 2? I guess I didn't listen close enough. This is off of Ayatollah's last instrumental album "Now Playing." More available if you want it.

don el said...

ah, i'm trippin, it is off Now Playing. went home, checked my files and there it was. so i'm the one going crazy, not you.

Scholar said...


"Coonskin" is the dopest flip of that sample I've heard.

I'm relieved that you hollered at me a while back because honestly, I'm coming on here on a regular basis and copping joints left and right.

Later this week, I'm going to do a post on some of my favorite spots. The Clip is at the top of the list without question.

Stay up.

Dukes said...

Good looks Scholar. I got at you because Ive been a fan for a while now.

I would greatly appreciate a post up on your site.


Masta Mix Records said...

Ayatollah did my joint Traum - Hip Hop feat. Big Noyd check it out at