Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Voxonic P

Let's face it, Prodigy is one half of one of the former (read, former) dopest crews of all time. I'll give him that. But I have to go with Phonte's opinion of the new school P. Generally illiterate, ignorant, falling off, etc etc.

So let that preface stand to say that my sharing of this joint off HNIC 2 is not really promotion. The real point here is that I just copped the new album, which if you haven't heard, is going to be released in 1400 dialects. Yes, 1400. Courtesy of the strange new label Voxonic he is now signed to, which is on a mission to alter artist's voices to put out music in other languages. It's a semi-dope concept, but honestly, where else is anyone going to listen to this crap other than up at Complex? (By the way Complex, you're wrong. This album is definitely for the birds).

Here is the only truly listenable track, ABC, ripped with the Voxonic Spanish version as a mix. Pretty interesting to say the least. And if you want to watch the INSANE bad acid trip of a video for this, here it is.



Mr.Pickles said...

That video was scarier than the Shining.

Anonymous said...

subliminal messaging contained therein. creepy