Thursday, May 1, 2008

Get An Editor

The most talented musicians and artists take weeks, months, years, and sometimes even decades to produce just one piece of work. Except, of course, hip-hop artists.

I keep seeing videos of all these rap fools up in the studio (enter name of any modern MC, though Weezy takes the cake on this one) talking about how fast they lay out tracks in the studio. It's dumbfounding. "Last night we knocked out 12 tracks in 5 hours. Killin it." You did WHAT? You "knocked em out" huh? No wonder I like one in every 50 songs I come across and none of them are yours.

This watered down approach to music has really been pissing me off lately, and thank god I came across this intelligent breakdown about who raps way too much, who way too little, and who just the right amount. This is hands down the most on point read I've caught in a while.

(Don't get it twisted though, I like a little Weezy in my diet. And since we on that Neptunes & Hova kick, here's a little treat).


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brian said...

I had the same thought last night. Kudos Nick, you have pinpointed the problem. It exists on all levels. I was at a local hip hop show. This dude ripped one track and the rest was like mashed taters---bland, uninspiring, and in need of some gravy.