Monday, April 28, 2008

Gear Up

Your weekly brief on what's dope on new thread releases.

DISCLAIMER: We kind of think streetwear is going to die down real soon or at least change drastically and people are going to have a shitfit because they are 33 and still look like this, but we still like our gear too. Go getcha some:

Reebok pastels for your girl.
Ladies look slamming in these in the summer. I admittedly had a thing for women in the 80s who wore these with matching headbands and spandex pants, and times ain't changed. If I see a girl in these I will not hesitate to tell her she is "cute as a button."

MHI Khaki Bomber Jacket.
Look like a pilot for Dirk Diggler Airlines.

New Balance PVRDRs.
New Balance finally stepped out of the mire that was the 9 billion colorways of the classic 576. Now these are the jams, and good luck getting them with 40 pairs released internationally.

Supreme Flags Fitted.
Like you're a Polorican, but from Japan and shopping at Supreme.

Crooks & Castles 8021 Tee.
So Ghetto Riche Hova rocks this ish. And dude could be wearing a Prada suit that costs your family's life savings.

NOTE: Video seen above a graphically and sonically dope advert for these.

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