Saturday, April 19, 2008

Drop An Unreleased Gem On Em

Super rare old Mobb Deep, before Hell On Earth. I'm fairly sure this is from the original demo they used to shop for a deal.

It's obvious that this is the best kind of Mobb Deep. Right? So Havoc and Prodigy, rewind a minute, breathe, get Alchemist and Premier to make some old dusty beats like this (you know they both have about 12,000 of these beats just sitting in the DAT from '97), get Mary J on the hook, and it's a wrap. If there is one thing that is for sure, people like me will stop writing entries like the one last week about Prodigy.


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95goldnera said...

Peace.....Appreciate You Posting That Classic..That Is One Of My Top Five Faves By Mobb!! And Truth Be Told, "Reach" Was On The Sampler For The Soundtrack To The Movie "Soul In The Hole"...I Copped That Album For The Single, Was A Bit Offended It Wasnt On Again Thanx