Monday, April 28, 2008

Blueprint vs. Funkadelic

Blueprint is one of the more versatile cats around. Like Kanye, he is a skilled beatmaker, a battle MC, and a songwriter. That's rare in the current market of talentless bandwagon buffoonery. He also likes to work with people like Aesop Rock, Atmosphere, and RJD2, which means that we automatically like him.

I usually don't post full albums on here, but Printmatic hit me up with his new album Blueprint vs. Funkadelic a few days ago and gave me a thumbs up on the peddle. So, here you go. It's got spacey bubble sounds, Jimi Hendrix-like guitars, soul singers, hard organic drums, and classic Print flow. It sounds like Woodstock '69 met Scribble Jam on Jupiter. It deserves your full undivided attention, since it's the kind of album that gets better with each listen. Here is my current favorite track, which is a 9 minute blues-influenced opus. Props, Print.

A Full Clip exclusive, dropping before the rest.


Full album download:


[500 pressed copies of this available at as well with a bunch of free exclusive materials]


Elijah said...

kanye is a battle mc?

Dukes said...

Good point. ;)

I mean it more like 2/3. I try to be as literal as possible and fail miserably.