Sunday, March 2, 2008

Movie Beat

Pineapple Express is a lock for best stoner action comedy of our lifetime. From the heads who brought you the genius Superbad, our generation is killing Cheech & Chong.

One More Hit has been in the wings for a while now, without a set release date. J-Swift, the once member of the group The Pharcyde, was once one of the best producers in the day, but fell into the abyss of crack. This one should be very interesting.

We also happen to think the new Will Ferrell/ John C. Reily movie Stepbrothers is going to be hi larious, as long as the writers of Talladega Nights stay away permanently from any kind of "jokes."

There is a new breakdancing documentary about to be released next week that also has some serious potential called Planet B-boy.

Two quality films out now about NYC life: the lauded Chop Shop, and the 2007 film about a Pakistani who was a pop star in his own country but runs a donut push cart in Manhattan (Man Push Cart).

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