Friday, March 28, 2008

K-Mart Thinks You're A Fairy, Too

Seriously, before this gets taken down, go check out the actual KMART website listing Jedi Mind's album as $255, marked down from it's original price of $899. Their selling point: “Vinnie Paz's tougher-than-leather flow that hollers down faggots”. God I hope this stays up until tomorrow at least, well, with the Martha Stewart logo sitting there like an endorsement for this sort of pure American literature.

And let's just say I got this jpeg from someone else, but this is a REAL search on the KMART site that turns up this page.

And KMART isn't the only one at it this week. Other huge conglomerates are busy making similarly puzzling business decisions: Toys R Us just released a set of Lower Back Tattoo stickers in those 25c machines, for children under 10 of course.

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