Saturday, March 29, 2008

Check Your Factz

Mickey Factz is hitting the blogosphere harder than any new school cat right now other than maybe Wale* ... and is known in many circles as a part of the "hipster-hop" movement, particularly because of his propensity for hitting up electro beats, rocking that oh-so-prevelant retro 80s gear, and touring with The Cool Kids.

I have to say that I don't care what movement you're from, I am really amped on hip-hop right now, there is so much dropping lately that is showing extreme progression in sound and style. Hip-hop is dead only where it should be.


* Just wait for this Wale track Im going to drop on your noggin tomorrow. Best kept secret.


don el said...

'preciate the drop, but my man completely ignores the mood of the beat with the flow he uses on this one. maybe it's because i'm a fan of the original song, i don't like how he changed it, meh.

Dukes said...

To be honest, I see this track as a little more of an interesting experiment than a success. Im not a huge fan of Mickey Factz concerning what he has to say, or his flow, just feeling the mood of this track, clearly based on the beat overall.

I dont know the original for this one. Who is it?

don el said...

I hit this site damn near daily to keep up to speed on Hip Hop, so I figure I owe you a look on the original.

The song is called 'Breath' by Telepopmusik, on their album 'Genetic World'. Most if it is loungy-type electronic music, though really, it's hard to classify this stuff. If you enjoyed the beat, I would highly reccomend looking up the original, the producer doesn't seem to have done anything to it i can detect, seems unchanged.

Anonymous said...

Nothing was changed really. The original was hot-rocks. They used to play this song at the end of most MTV original series. When I was back in Phoenix my boy used mash this up on his set at raves. One of those chill, at an after-party lounges looking at the cityscape tracks.

I'm hearing that people are calling this new music 'hipster' or something along the lines of that. I could have sworn this was techno/dance/house/jungle/electronica/trance/etc. music with some hip-hop thrown in it. C&C Music Factory must be outraged.

I'm must be out of the loop.


Dukes said...

If C&C Music Factory dropped a joint right now it would be so hot in the (Soho) streets.