Saturday, March 22, 2008

Artist to Watch: Grip Grand

We went bananas about 3 years ago when Grip Grand dropped that ridiculous track with A.G. Poppin Pockets, and we're going even more nuts now. Almost nothing was heard from him since, though he made the URB top 100 a long minute ago (btw, get the new URB with the new top 100, well worth the 5 spot). Where'd you go dude? Today Grip showed up out of nowhere with the full album Brokelore that has that first single on it, with a bunch of other ridiculously bonkers material. Most beats by DJ Design, you know him, he rolls with Slum Vill.

More on Grip from NASCENT.

If you download anything from me this week, make it this. I LOVE this album, and it ain't easy to make me say that. Album of the last few months. Oooo, and that Mos Def sample on the hook ...





Anonymous said...

Remember the Time featuring Darondo? That's Darondo's song in whole called 'Didn't I'. The other tracks were the hotness but I couldn't digest that. Highly recommend you cop Darondo's album 'Let My People Go'.

Dukes said...

Thanks for the feedback on this one. Like I say I know little about Grip, but I did get my hands on this album, which I thought was the real deal. Maybe not?

I'll check Darondo for sure.

Dukes said...

Ah now I get it. Just got the Darondo.

Anonymous said...

I listened to that track again. It's kinda like food you never had before - you reject it for the fact you never tried it - but you know it looks good. If I played on a neutral field, I'd have to give Ghostface shit for doing the same thing over them Deltones songs. The verdict? Certified dope. Gotta admit I'm loving the coherent Killa-Cam flow too.

Hope you digging Darondo. Lost rare gem back in the 70s. Good article about him here:

Dukes said...

That's pretty funny because when I wrote my comment before I almost said the same thing ... gotta give Ghost shit for all of the full soul sample voiceovers. Not a lot of cats can rock a full soul song straight up.

Im feeling both tracks, original and new.

Dukes said...

And I didnt notice the Killa Cam flow until now but that's pretty spot on.

Who are you btw...I sense you know your shit inside and out. Running a similar operation?

Anonymous said...

I've thought about doing something similar, but there's so many people out there doing a better job honestly. I'd rather enjoy their show.

Sorry for the late response. Got caught up in a problem. I'm learning not to trust keyboards from France. Got the Evolution MK-361C with a busted USB audio codec and only a master MIDI connection. Don't ask me why I didn't get the Korg Triton...

I'm on a three-year hiatus from the radio and music industry. I live in the Bean right now but I'll be moving to Oakland come summer. For now my ear is to the ground listening to the vastly improved New England hip-hop. If I hear anything of worth I'll be sure to throw it your way - I check the blog daily. Keep it live!


Dukes said...

Word man. West coast is my shit, even though I call the east home for now.

What's good in hip-hop in New England these days? Put me on.