Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New Portishead Album

After nearly a decade, Portishead are slated to release a new album on April 22nd (!). It is initally a bit worrisome, since one has to wonder why a group takes that long to put out material. But according to The Observer:

This is how the new Portishead album starts. A friendly voice says something vaguely introductory in Brazilian-Portuguese. There's a bit of subdued chatter in the background, and the reassuring plink of a distant piano, as if you're arriving at a half-empty Latin nightclub. Then a huge pummelling beat comes in (Geoff Barrow insists that he was 'massively unhappy' with this rhythm for many long months, but it sounds pretty unstoppable now). Sawing strings summon up a demonic echoing cowbell, before this in turn gives way to ominous slashes of spaghetti western guitar - the sort of thing you'd expect to hear just before a hired gun played by Lee Van Cleef accidentally shoots an innocent child.

Um, hell yes. Album cover and tracklisting here. You best believe we'll have it sampled here when it drops.

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