Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tea Leaves

Flying Lotus is on in that spaced-out, mellow zone that is reminiscent of the other successful Cali producers we have all come to love (Dilla, Madlib, Stones Throw stand up). He's got a few floating singles with some moguls like Little Brother, which are dope, but this one takes the cake.



Elijah said...

yeah this guy is the good shit. i'd say he is a bit more electronic than Dilla but he's got that grit, that funk, that groove going.

my friend put on a show featuring fly Lo in the bay area over the summer. long story short- the party got shut down but the dude still played his set all mellow'd and quiet and smoked everyone out. my buddy only the best things to say of the dude.

footeking said...

I am feeling this when I am in a hip hop club in Morocco smoking a houkah and eating baba ganoush (I wish was all the time). That shit is relaxing and chill. If you haven't yet, check out "I love Hip Hop in Morocco." It is a movie worth watching by a young cat that made some moves in a foreign country. I went with dukes (mixtape master) to the US opening last year.