Sunday, January 13, 2008

New Nas

First single from his new album, and I gotta say I am pleasantly surprised with the results. This is a top track of the month. You heard it here first.



Elijah said...

who produced this track? why is Nas flowing like Kanye?

DUKES said...

Im actually wrong on this track...Eric O. pointed out that this is a new release of "Surviving the Times," with a flipped beat and an added hook. My guess is that it still hits the album.

On production my guess is Salaam Remi. Sounds like him and he's knocking out most of the Nas joints these days.

Elijah said...

cool thanks, but seriously that flow- i mean i know cats have to adapt and evolve- it just seems like a kanye track...aint knockin Nas, just asking if anyone else feels that way...